The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's go surfin' now...

Surfing in Norway...who knew? Joe is LOVING it though! He surfs once or twice a week and has an absolute blast. It's not as fun for the observers....the last time I was there with him, the windchill was hovering around 35 F and I still haven't got all the sand out of my car...the wind was amazing! It hailed three was just nasty. Joe's lips were so cold by the time his 3 hours were up that he couldn't hardly talk....think of novacaine at the dentist....that's how he was talking! However, he says the wet suit and the activity keeps him warm (after his body gets over the shock of that icy water!) They are due to continue to surf until Dec...I am not sure we'll have enough hours of light during the day for that to happen...but goodness, it takes my breath away watching them out there! The picture of him talking to a man all bundled up, is his coach, Shannon. He's a surfer from South Africa who is apparently pretty darn good! He is usually out there with them but was videotaping them on that occasion (he couldn't believe how cold it was...and that was several weeks ago!) I certainly admire these kids for going after their passion!

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saleluz-JESUS É O CRIADOR said...

Bom dia para todos.
Aqui no BRASIL tempo chuvoso.Estou vendo as fotos na praia aí tempo de sol.

Bendito seja o SENHOR JESUS DEUS deISRAEl e nosso salvador.


A família é o caminho da esperança.A certeza que se tem pra onde voltar.Não há nada mais Divino e é por isso que a presença
de JESUS nela está.

[Pe Marcelo Rossi]

A paz de JESUS o todo´poderosoooo!