The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pictures of Cliff Diving

I thought I had witnessed my son's life being cut short while taking this picture. He slipped as he was jumping off the high cliff and was dangerously close to the rocks. He was fine....but it scared him...which is always healthy for a 14 year old...fear.

Rich contemplating his own mortality...he is not fond of heights.
Joe cut himself on some barnacles as he was crawling out of the water. We didn't have enough wetsuits to go around....the boys have grown too much!

Near our house, on the Hafrsfjord, there is a spot to cliff jump. There are a couple of spots close together that goes into very deep water...that is where we hiked to on the last warm day we have had...June 1st. It was a holiday, so Rich was around to take part in the fun as well. Joe's friend, Matt, came along. He moved away on June 10th....back to the U.S., so this was his last "hurrah" before leaving Norway. I will post another blog entry for the videos.... We had to walk through a cow pasture to get to this that is why the cows are included... :o)

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