The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cedar Point

Look at those exhilirated faces! Just after the big bungee swing over the park. Tim got to pull the rip cord.

The kids looked like this about 5 minutes after leaving Cedar Point...

The roller coaster where you stand up the whole time...first of it's kind way back when...Tim is in the front row, right hand side. Rich and the boys rode this about 5 times a piece.

Brian with his daughters, Kara and Alyssa, and his Goddaughter, Lily.

What happens to a three year old after 12 hours at an amusement park...

The sun starts to set on Cedar Point...

The Messina boys are at it again...bungee swinging. This time it wasn't over the Royal Gorge (which was just insane) but out over the park. They loved it!

Rich, Cyndi, Joe & Tim Messina along with Brian, Kara & Alyssa Pfeil, go rambling along the water ride, waiting to get drenched. Don't worry, it happened. We were all soaked. It helped that we rode it three times in a row....

This is the "Swing" that the boys and Rich forced me to ride. I did not like it. I closed my eyes most of the time and screamed. It was horrifying. Thank goodness it was also short.

This is me holding my throat (because I swore I had strained a vocal chord or two in all that screaming) and Rich laughing uncontrollably. The ride had just ended.

This is what happened when I asked Lily where Aunt Pam's baby was....she went looking!

Lily at Cedar Point.

Joe trying to get Lily accustomed to the water before hitting the pool at the hotel. Lily hadn't been in a pool in 18 months.

Lily didn't know what to think of these roller coasters. Cedar Point is known to have some of the best rides in the country if not the world.

Lily did go on a couple of kiddie rides. She really wasn't even keen on them all that much!

Kara, Alyssa and Lily pose at the Camp Snoopy portion of the park.

Joe gets drenched on a water flume ride. It was very hot that day...upper 80's to lower 90's.
After spending a week visiting with my parents and sister and my aunts and uncles (plus a little shopping here and there) we left and drove to Sandusky, Ohio, to go to Cedar Point, an amusement park. Pam, Brian, Kara and Alyssa met us there to spend an entire day riding roller coasters (or for Pam and myself, pretty much spending the day WATCHING them ride the roller coasters). Pam, being pregnant, couldn't ride any of them and I am just not into roller coaster rides. I can ride one and feel sick the rest of the day. However, I got bullied into riding a ride that they said was just like a giant swing. It only went up 120 feet in the air and dropped to back and forth at 60 miles per hour! Yikes. Call me a wimp. I don't care. Never again.
We ate dinner together that night at the park and then the Pfeils had to head back to Indiana because they were both working the next day. We stayed until the park was almost ready to close...almost 10 p.m. The boys were loving not having the long lines that they had encountered in the afternoon. They also left the park area for another thrill ride spot just outside Cedar Point and did a huge bungee swing. Joe had done this with his cousin Casey and Auntie Tammie several years ago out over the Royal Gorge in Colorado (totally insane - but I wasn't there) and Tim had never had the opportunity to try it as well. They loved it.
We left the park totally exhausted and drove our hotel by the Detroit airport (about 2 hours). We left very early the next morning to fly to Boston to see Rich's side of the family.

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