The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Playin' Basketball.....we love that basketball....

The basketball season has pretty much taken over our lives. The boys are both in two with IBA and the other with the school JV team. There are so many kids interested in basketball here that there are several teams in the IBA club league and then there is also about 3-4 teams worth of boys on the JV teams. Joe and Tim have yet to play on the same time. This has created a tactitical nightmare for me and our schedule. My calendar is color coded and every day is different every week. This all started in early November and will be winding down by mid March. Worst of all, the lighting in any of the gyms is so horrible that I just can't get good pictures of the boys, especially while they are playing. I was able to get a picture of Tim (finally) while he was warming up last Saturday. I also got a few cute shots of Lily (who loves basketball too). We were at the ISS gym for 4 basketball games between the two boys last weekend. It was a very long day. The boys both love the sport though and I think Lily is already considering a career in the WNBA. :o) Those are Joe's basketball shoes she is in, by the way...

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