The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Talk about Tim...

Tim in Florence, Italy next to Michaelangelo's David

Tim on a hike near our home in Norway.

Tim at the overlook of Florence, Italy.

Cyndi and Tim watching the canals for gondolas in Venice, Italy

Tim finds a friend at San Marco's Square in Venice, Italy

Tim really loved the Venetian masks and jesters hats in Venice!

Tim is turning into quite the young man these days. He is 11 now and seems to realize that he is starting to grow up and is savoring his youth. He usually allows Rich about 5 minutes after getting home in the evening before he starts pestering him about playing a game of ping pong with him. Tim has gotten quite good and would play ping pong all day if he could find someone that was willing. He is doing a badmittin unit in gym at school right now and he is realizing that his ping pong skills have really helped him.

Tim is in the 6th grade at the ISS middle school, same as Joe. They don't have any classes together (which is good) but they are in the same school. Considering they each have 12 classes, it is a small miracle they aren't together for any of them. Tim didn't go to Barcelona this year because it is only for 7th and 8th graders, but he is looking forward to going next year. He attended Lierskole for a week with his classmates up in Hardangerton, Norway and had a great time. He is looking forward to that next year again too. (Lierskole is when the entire student body of a certain grade and their teachers go to live in cabins in a Norwegian national park and conduct classes from there for a week)

Tim played JV soccer alongside Joe this fall and is playing JV basketball and club basketball as well. He also enjoys lacrosse. Tim is in the photography club at school, where he gets to work with a professional photographer once a week for an hour. He has assignments each week and is learning a lot about photography. Both boys are very much into picture-taking these days. It is hard to be in Norway and not take pictures as it is such a beautiful country!

Tim is doing well in school with mostly A's and a few B+'s. He is not as socially at ease as his older brother and is often seen tagging along after Joe and his friends. He has a strong work ethic in his school work though and is starting to learn to take pride in his work rather than just cranking out assingments like a robot. This has made a huge difference in the quality of his work. I am so proud of him!

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