The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Change of Scenery

Joe shows off his cow costume...he is even mooing!

Lily and Cyndi playing at a special Halloween Lillegym class at the British International School

Joe and Tim talk with their buddy, Zac, during trunk or treating at the NATO base.

Thank you Aunt Amy for the adorable Tigger outfit that Lily adores!

Welcome to the new blog site for the Messina family! The other site was not as user-friendly as I had hoped so I chose a new venue for our antics to be recorded and shared!

Many of you are hoping to see some Halloween pictures of the kids. Halloween is not really celebrated in Norway. The Americans (and even some folks that weren't American) met in the new parking garage on the NATO base and we did "trunk or treating." The kids went around from car to car getting candy from the trunks. It was safe and small and the kids must have done the circuit of 2o cars about 4 times apiece. Lily was still a little overwhelmed, but she had a great time. Every time she sees the parking garage, she asks, "trick or treat in there, Momma?" For those of you that have remembered Rich in the cow costume, you'll be appalled to know that now Joe has inherited it. Yes, our Joe, who just turned 13 (yikes!) is wearing the Halloween costume his dad wore two weeks before he was born.....THAT will make you feel old!

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