The Messina Family

The Messina Family
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nebraska message to troops

The view downrange...

The view as you come to land...

This is something I wanted to show you all for awhile....funny enough, I received these pictures from a French friend in Norway. :o) She is married to a man from the Omaha area. Her mother-in-law sent it to her. She forwarded the pictures to me to ask me if I knew about it. Of course I did! I drive by this field everyday. It is less than 2 years from my house. :o) Now that Rich is flying again, he flies over this field all the time on his final approach to Offutt AFB. This Nebraska farmer puts this message in his field every fall after he harvests this field. This is just a wonderful thing. The troops here deploy often and for long periods of time. It must be wonderful to see this as they are coming home for a landing. Nebraska is very supportive of the military and have a long history of how they have gone about it. Rich was out to lunch with a group of pilots last fall and someone anonymously picked up the tab for all 8 of them. Almost every business has a military discount of some kind. It is really been a wonderful place to live so far!

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Celine 'n Co. said...

My mother in law will be so proud to be mentioned in your post... which of course I will forward to her ;-)

Frenchy Celine